Surfer Must Have Eyewear for 2017

If you began paying attention to wooden eyewear and especially bamboo eyewear lately, you are on the right track. 

This new style of eyewear began with surfers around the world wanting a new style of eyewear, not the plastic-steel sunnies that people have been wearing since the last 100 years, but something fresh and unique.

Viola Gray is one of the best sellers in the wooden eyewear industry, but what sets Viola Gray apart from the others in this industry?

What sets Viola Gray Eyewear apart from the other styles is the mirror reflective lens and it's unique bamboo texture and engraining which makes every pair a unique one of a kind sunglasses.

What makes these sunglasses so popular?

  • 100% Bamboo

  • Handmade

  • UV protection Lens

  • Polarized Lens

  • Eco-friendly
  • A different wooden pattern on every product


Viola Gray Eyewear is attention-grabbing and exudes a mysterious but very confident persona. Make no mistake, Viola Gray is both for male and female. (Even animals love Viola Gray) 

If you're a surfer and looking for a style upgrade the next time you hit the beach, grab your pair of Viola Gray Eyewear HERE

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Viola Gray Eyewear