Shipping time may vary depending on:

  1. Destination country

  2. Country of origin (which warehouse we ship from)

  3. Which product/s was purchased


Here are some FAQs about our shipping

Which country do you ship from?

Our Viola Gray Bamboo Eyewear are shipped from Stockholm Sweden, and can be shipped to most countries in the world.

Our other products (non eyewear) are shipped from different warehouses around the world, depending on availability and destination country. We currently ship from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Sweden and Germany.

What is the shipping time?

Our shipping time can be split into two categories (Eyewear and Other)


In Europe: 1-3 days

North America: 2-7 days

World: 4-12 days

Australia and New Zealand: Due to the two countries super strict custom policies against wooden products, it may take up to 30 days for them to finish examining the product to hand over to your local post office.

Other (Non Eyewear Products)


Africa: 21 - 55 days

Asia: 10 - 30 days

Australia: 7 - 22 days

South America: 10 - 30 days

North America (USA & Canada): 6 - 20 days

Europe: 7 - 23 days

Please note that these shipping times are estimates given to us by the post office, some factors may affect the shipping time such as (International holidays, local holidays and extreme weathers)


Please CONTACT us if you have any questions or concerns related to your package